new composite decking colours
POSTED BY Richard King | 08 February 2018

New Colours and 4m Lengths now available!

New Dino Decking Options Here at Dino Decking we’re always trying to make sure we offer the best composite decking available. And we want to make sure our customers are always happy. We realise that when it comes to composite decking, it’s an easy product to install but the thing that’s missing from lots of decking sellers is variety. They s...
what is composite decking
POSTED BY Richard King | 20 December 2017

How is composite decking manufactured?

The time has come. You’re ready to kit out your garden patio and you’re taking the leap towards composite decking. You may have heard lots of good things about traditional wooden decking and likewise, you may have heard about the huge benefits of composite decking. Which means you’re now probably wondering just exactly how composite decking i...
The Top Five Benefits of Composite Decking
POSTED BY Richard King | 30 October 2017

The Top Five Benefits of Composite Decking

When it comes to decking, we’re often asked ‘what’s the point of composite decking?’ or ‘why is composite decking better than timber decking’? There are many reasons why composite decking has become more favorable over the years so we’re addressing these questions head on with our list of the top benefits of composite decking. Enjoy! ...
POSTED BY Richard King | 21 August 2017

Does Dino Decking install composite decking?

At Dino Decking we’re often asked if we can install composite decking. Unfortunately, the short answer for that is ‘no.’ But don’t stop reading! While we may not be able to personally install composite decking ourselves, we want to make sure you can install it properly, which is why we have a list of local, professional installers as well a...
what is composite decking
POSTED BY Richard King | 20 July 2017

What is composite decking?

As the name suggests, composite decking is a combination of materials to form the ideal decking for you. Previously when somebody wanted garden decking they would be using wood only. This would involve a long process – deciding on what type of wood, finding the right budget, installing it and most importantly maintaining it. However, in recent t...
composite decking vs timber
POSTED BY Richard King | 01 June 2017

Composite vs. timber decking – which is best?

Timber decking has been a favourite with people for a long time now. It’s the traditional path to decking, it looks good and it’s basically been at the forefront of our minds when we think about decking. But now things have changed since composite decking came on the scene. Made up of recycled wood fibres and plastic components, composite decki...