New Colours and 4m Lengths now available!

New Dino Decking Options

Here at Dino Decking we’re always trying to make sure we offer the best composite decking available. And we want to make sure our customers are always happy. We realise that when it comes to composite decking, it’s an easy product to install but the thing that’s missing from lots of decking sellers is variety. They say variety is the spice of life after all, so we’ve added a pinch to our portfolio by introducing two new colours, ash and silver, as well as the availability of decking in 4m lengths.

New Colours, Great Material

Our new composite decking colours will benefit from all the great workmanship that the rest of our composite decking does. That means they are made from 55% recycled wood, 40% recycled HDPE and 5% additives (this includes colouring and bonding agents for instance). We may be called Dino Decking, which can bring images of big beasts to mind but when it comes to our environmental footprint, we’re the exact opposite. Our environmentally friending composite decking boards are exactly that and this is backed up by our FSC and REACH certificates. We’ve put in the hard work to ensure our composite decking is long-lasting and more than up to standard. With an already large selection of different colours, including savanna, amber, cedar, mocha, slate and graphite, we wanted to add more to the repertoire. Now you can enjoy silver composite decking as well as ash, two new colours that are quite different. If you’re looking for another wooden look then ash could be what you’re after. A nice, rustic look for your outside decking. Alternatively, if you’ve got an upmarket decking style or want something that has the wow factor then silver could be your choice. Whatever your decision, we have a range of colours, all suited for a variety of purposes.

Durable Decking

We pride ourselves on our 4As offer. This isn’t something you have to take up. This is inclusive of every single piece of composite decking we sell. They each consist of anti-face, anti-splinter, anti-slip and anti-mould, meaning your decking, whatever the colour, is durable and made to last. It’s also covered by a 15-year warranty and boasts a 20-30 year life expectancy so once your decking is installed, it will stay there, healthy and looking good.

Go Longer

We’ve listened to what our customers want and been listening to the market buzz around composite decking. A key point that came up was that retailers weren’t offering varying lengths for composite decking. Of course, composite decking is a doddle to install and it can be cut to length easily. But we listen to what our customers want. That’s why you can now buy our composite decking in 4m length, almost double the original 2.2m size offered. Now you can buy in an assortment of sizes, helping you to cut costs and get the right amount of composite decking you need for your project.

All hands on deck

Want to get your hands on our composite decking? Why not try a free sample of our new colours to see if it’s ideal for you. When you’ve made up your mind, just take a look at the options we have available and use our simple calculator to find out how much it’ll be.