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Grey Composite Decking

A firm favourite with garden designers, grey composite decking adds a contemporary feel to outdoor patio areas and walkways. Elegant, neutral and easy to style, grey composite deck boards are rapidly increasing in popularity. Here’s why.

When decks were first introduced to the nation’s outdoor spaces, the boards were made of traditional timber and the wood’s natural colour shone through. Soon designers and homeowners began staining, painting and colour washing the wood to achieve a range of different eye-catching colours, from warm and traditional wood tones to bright and bold greens and blues and cool contemporary light and dark greys.

However, the downside of these colourful decks was the constant upkeep required to maintain the clarity of colour, as they wore underfoot and required annual or bi-annual sanding and re-painting to remain pristine.

The era of composite decking has given gardeners the opportunity to add colour to decks without this extra maintenance. As well as being designed to prevent cracking, warping, splintering and rotting like timber deck.

The new low-maintenance composite boards led to coloured decking regaining popularity, and one colour stood out for easily blending in – grey.

A Modern Neutral

Grey composite decking creates a fantastic neutral background for colourful garden spaces. Perfectly suited to cutting edge modern homes, patio areas with a clean Scandinavian feel or to complement nautical themes by the beach or around the pool, grey decking boards can also be used to provide a blank canvas that effortlessly complements both cool and warm decors.

Whether you’re inspired to create a strikingly simple monochrome theme with black or white dining furniture or adding a vibrant burst of rich and vivid colours to your patio with big and bold cushions, lanterns and place settings, a versatile grey backdrop enhances and intensifies the look of any design creation.

Offering crisp and clean visual appeal, grey composite decking boards also blend perfectly with nature’s own bold colours, including lush greenery and vibrant colourful pots or planting.

Choosing the Perfect Colour

Making the right colour choice is essential to ensure a new deck complements your outdoor area’s existing colour palette. The right decking should blend effortlessly with the exterior of your home including fencing, walls, summerhouses, garages and any garden furniture that you plan to use on it.

Many designers challenged with creating an eye-catching and contemporary deck area mix and match colour schemes for added visual interest. Utilising more than one shade of grey composite decking in contrasting tones is an elegant way to highlight steps or deck edges, and gives the space a designer look and fresh feel.

Dino Decking’s traditional composite decking range includes a choice of 4 grey tones: Stone, Ash, Silver and Graphite, and our capped premium composite decking is available in 2 grey tones: Anthracite and Pearl – ideal for perfectly coordinating deck borders and adding contrasting trims.

If you’re not sure whether grey composite decking is the right choice for your outdoor space, there’s a quick and easy way to find out. We are happy to send you a Free Sample Pack to help you select exactly the right tone to blend with your colour scheme. The sample pack contains a small cut of composite decking board in each of our 8 classic and modern colour options – Savanna, Amber, Cedar, Mocha, Silver, Stone, Ash and Graphite – and is delivered to your door by Royal Mail in a letterbox-sized parcel in just a couple of days.

To order your free sample pack, click here.