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POSTED BY Richard King | 13 October 2021

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POSTED BY Richard King | 29 October 2020

Product Launch – Class B Fire Rated Composite Cladding

Ultra-low maintenance and easy to install, our new Class B Fire Rated Composite Cladding is the simple and straightforward way to finish horizontal or vertical surfaces, creating a pristine finish that’s compliant with fire safety regulations. The composite cladding is fire rated Class B, which means it has been certified for use on office build...
POSTED BY Richard King | 05 June 2020

Product Launch – Weight Bearing Aluminium Joists

Designed to support any deck structure, our new Weight Bearing Aluminium Joists are a strong, versatile and reliable addition to our substructure range. A durable and high-quality decking support solution, aluminium joists are lightweight enough to put minimal pressure on the structures below, but offer impressive weight-bearing capabilities, p...
POSTED BY Richard King | 01 May 2020

Product Launch – Premium Composite Decking Featuring Dino Shield™

If you’re looking for the toughest, most durable, ultra-low maintenance deck available, our new range of Premium Composite Decking boards offer the most comprehensive protection on the UK market today. Manufactured using the same eco-friendly recycled wood and plastic materials found in our uncapped composite decking, our new capped composite...
POSTED BY Richard King | 14 April 2020

Covid-19: Latest Update

Following government advice our showroom remains closed, however our warehouse is open for deliveries and contactless collections. Deliveries: We are still taking orders for delivery - our current delivery schedule can be found on the delivery page at We recommend placing your order in advance online or...
POSTED BY matt | 28 March 2020

COVID-19 Update: 28th March

Please see out latest update here: Following government advice, we have decided to temporarily close our warehouse from April 3rd - April 13th. We're still taking orders for delivery as stated on the delivery page: Due to very high demand, we recommend placing...
POSTED BY Richard King | 20 March 2020

Grey Composite Decking

A firm favourite with garden designers, grey composite decking adds a contemporary feel to outdoor patio areas and walkways. Elegant, neutral and easy to style, grey composite deck boards are rapidly increasing in popularity. Here’s why. When decks were first introduced to the nation’s outdoor spaces, the boards were made of traditional tim...
POSTED BY Richard King | 27 February 2020

As Seen On ITV – Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Dino Decking were delighted to be able to donate decking boards to assist Alan Titchmarsh with his latest garden transformation on Episode 1, Season 10 of ‘Love Your Garden’ in Hull. Creating a dream garden for terminally ill teenager Harrison Torr, Alan set out to provide a peaceful, wildlife-friendly and low maintenance outdoor livin...
POSTED BY Richard King | 07 February 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

[rev_slider alias="joists-fasteners-1" slidertitle="FAQ"][/rev_slider] Product Questions How much composite decking should I order? A very common question! At checkout we have a composite decking calculator that turns the square feet or square metre measurement of your decking project into the correct number of boards. We suggest add...
POSTED BY Richard King |

What is Composite Decking made of? 

While timber porches and decks have always looked beautiful, over time builders, architects and homeowners have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of maintenance required to keep them looking pristine. Timber decking requires regular sanding, staining and treating to keep it strong, solid and attractive while also protecting it as much...
POSTED BY Richard King | 01 December 2019

How much is Composite Decking?

When choosing to build a timber, plastic or composite deck, the first question most customers ask is “How much will it cost?”.  Unfortunately, calculating how many square metres the deck will cover and adding up the cost of the materials required isn’t enough to make the right decision. It can make timber decking look like a cheaper opt...
POSTED BY Richard King | 05 April 2019

18 Best Decking Ideas

You finally bought that dream house. Now what? It usually doesn’t end there—at least not for us big home improvement dreamers. If you’re anything like us, you’re dreaming next about that big patio, deck, balcony, or that courtyard…the list goes on. Did you know that almost all these ideas can be enhanced with simple decking? It’s an ...
POSTED BY matt | 26 October 2018

Stay on Trend with our Grey Range

The right decking in your garden can transform a space instantly, plus can add both value and functionality to your home. Composite decking remains a popular design choice for both commercial and residential property owners who are looking to utilise space. However, picking the right colour decking can be a tricky decision, as different shades can...
POSTED BY Richard King | 16 July 2018

Composite Decking Maintenance

You’ve already made the decision to buy and install composite decking, or perhaps you’ve already done so. Maybe you’re still unsure as you’re concerned about the upkeep. We’re here to put your minds at ease, whatever situation you’re in. We took a look at some of the main concerns about composite decking and have listed how you can make...
POSTED BY Richard King | 16 May 2018

Summer is here!

The sun is finally here which means it’s time to head outside and soak up the rays. However, before you can do that, what’s the state of your garden? Do you need to spend lots of time mowing it, tidying it and making it nicer to lie on? Sometimes this can be a massive chore each time – getting garden ready. But it doesn’t have to be. With ...
POSTED BY Richard King | 01 April 2018

Why should you get composite decking?

Obviously, the easy answer to that is ‘why not?’ but we can all agree that’s not particularly helpful. Which is why we want to give you some reasons that are helpful and explain the many benefits that composite decking has to offer. Here goes… It’s always a good time What does that mean exactly? It means that installing composite decking ...
POSTED BY Richard King | 08 February 2018

Product Launch – Ash & Silver Composite Decking

At Dino Decking we’re always trying to make sure we have one of the best composite decking offerings available. We've now introduced another two greys to our range, ash and silver, as well as offering a much longer length of 4 metres available in all 8 colours. [featured_products per_page="8" columns="4"] New Colours, Great Material Our new compo...
POSTED BY Richard King | 20 December 2017

How is composite decking manufactured?

The time has come. You’re ready to kit out your garden patio and you’re taking the leap towards composite decking. You may have heard lots of good things about traditional wooden decking and likewise, you may have heard about the huge benefits of composite decking. Which means you’re now probably wondering just exactly how composite decking i...
POSTED BY Richard King | 30 October 2017

The Top Five Benefits of Composite Decking

When it comes to decking, we’re often asked ‘what’s the point of composite decking?’ or ‘why is composite decking better than timber decking’? There are many reasons why composite decking has become more favorable over the years so we’re addressing these questions head on with our list of the top benefits of composite decking. Enjoy! ...
POSTED BY Richard King | 20 July 2017

What is Composite Decking?

As the name suggests, composite decking is a combination of materials to form the ideal decking for you. Previously when somebody wanted garden decking they would be using wood only. This would involve a long process – deciding on what type of wood, finding the right budget, installing it and most importantly maintaining it. However, in recent t...