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The Top Five Benefits of Composite Decking

When it comes to decking, we’re often asked ‘what’s the point of composite decking?’ or ‘why is composite decking better than timber decking’? There are many reasons why composite decking has become more favorable over the years so we’re addressing these questions head on with our list of the top benefits of composite decking. Enjoy!

1. Durability

Composite decking is designed for maximum durability and won’t crack, split or warp in the way that traditional timber deck boards do. Combining the strength of plastic with the look of wood, composite deck boards are stronger and denser than timber and are designed to withstand the elements while maintaining both looks and structure. Our lightweight composite deck boards have no splinters or rough edges, making them ideal for homes with bare feet and pets, and the weather-resistant construction protects them from extremes of rain or snow.

2. Low Maintenance

Composite decking is not only easy to install for both professionals and competent amateurs, but requires minimal maintenance across its lifetime. Maintaining its good looks without requiring regular upkeep, composite decking is a far lower maintenance option than timber deck boards. Wooden decking must be sanded, sealed and stained regularly to maintain a perfect finish, and board replacements may also be necessary over time. Composite decking, however, does not require the same time consuming and expensive regular maintenance. Designed to maintain its shape and colour, the only maintenance required to preserve the beauty of our composite deck boards is an occasional wash with soapy water to remove dirt and mould.

3. Aesthetics

Offering all the natural beauty of timber in a stronger and more practical form, composite deck boards are manufactured with an authentic wood grain pattern to enhance any outside area. The decking’s hidden fastener system keeps the finished deck pristine and offers a clean, uniform look to the finished deck. Our composite deck boards are supplied with a reversible design, featuring attractive wood grain on one side and textured ridges on the other. Available in a range of traditional and contemporary colours, the board patterns and tones can be combined and contrasted to highlight deck edges for an elegant, modern finish.

4. Sustainability

An environmentally friendly alternative to the use of traditional timber for deck boards, our composite decking is manufactured using a combination of 55% recycled wood and 40% recycled HDPE plastic along with 5% additives (colour, bonding agent etc Utilising recycled wood fibres in the deck boards is more sustainable than chopping down trees for fresh timber, while recycling plastic prevents the synthetic waste being sent to landfill sites. Conserving natural resources and re-purposing plastic waste, choosing the eco-friendly composite alternative to timber minimises the environmental impact of any decking project.

5. Value

The strength and durability of our composite boards result in a deck with a significantly longer lifespan than could be expected from traditional timber decking. Composite decking’s low maintenance design doesn’t require regular sanding, sealing, treating or board replacements, meaning annual upkeep costs are low to non-existent, saving money every year. While the initial investment to purchase composite decking may be slightly higher than timber, the longevity and low maintenance design of the composite boards offer an improved return on investment over the lifespan of your deck.