Joists & Fasteners

Choosing the right fastener for your decking is not always an easy decision, and we offer a variety of fastening options for you to consider. Hidden fasteners will leave you with an uncluttered and clean deck surface that will not distract from the decking itself.

The fasteners come in two sizes, 6mm and the 3mm, and which you choose will depend on how much space you require between the boards. Both will provide consistent spacing between the boards for a professional look across the entire deck.

The 3mm hidden fastener will create a narrower gap between the boards, ideal for those that are after a more premium finish. The smaller gap looks great with a variety of decking types.

The 6mm hidden fastener will create a larger gap between the boards, its greatest benefit being it offer easy accessibility. A 6mm faster will allow you to remove individual boards if necessary, with minimal impact on the rest of the decking. It can also give a bit more space when installing the deck, meaning it is great for a first time installer.

Using hidden fasteners mean that the boards themselves are not drilled into directly, therefore avoiding damaging the boards and ensuring longevity. They create a gap between each of the boards and are secured at each crossover of board and joist. Each board is stabilised using the existing extruded groove or channel on the side of the deck board. There are a number of additional benefits of using the hidden fastenings in replacement of a more traditional fastening.

Protection – A hidden deck fastener is less likely to succumb to weather and other damage such as general wear and tear, frost or bugs. Traditional screws will be able to tackle the elements for a while, but it is only a matter of time before they begin to degrade and allow for water to leak in between the boards, leading to structural integrity. As a hidden faster will secure the plank from the side, it leaves them safe and dry, and much more likely to stand the test of time.

Safety – Any hardware left exposed is a potential risk, especially to children, and having a hidden fastener will all but eliminate this risk.

Aesthetics – In general, a hidden fastening will provide a better overall look, as unsightly screws could ruin the appeal of the composite decking finish.